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Stellaris is an award-winning building energy technology company. Since 2005 we have been developing products to empower buildings to achieve zero net energy and even net-positive energy. Its extraordinary ClearPower solar window technology produces power comparable to the best PV modules and controls solar heat gain, all while maintaining transparency and views. ClearPower is an important tool for building electrification and decarbonization as a means of combatting climate change.

With its high power-density and PV efficiency, ClearPower solar windows uniquely can produce enough electricity in windows to make a serious contribution to a building's electrical loads.


Net Positive Energy Insulated Glass Units

ClearPower is a system of dynamic micro lenses integrated in the interior of an insulated glass unit (IGU). Because of its optics and high-efficiency PV, it produces 4 to 5 times the power of other "clear" BIPV windows. The lenses are switchable on demand between two states:

  • Full PV power, while maintaining functional visibility

  • Partial PV power (35% to 40%), with full-range visibility 

Because ClearPower has two sources of cost savings - PV electricity and AC load reduction - it has a financial return meeting building owners' hurdle rates.

High power and transparent photovoltaic windows

ClearPower harvests four to five times as much power as other transparent photovoltaic windows, making them truly cost-competitive.

Moreover, ClearPower blocks solar heat gain from high-angle sunlight, significantly reducing air conditioning loads.


Stellaris Corporation

30 Technology Way Suite 1W3

Nashua, NH 03060

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